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Title: 海德格爾的人文關懷及教育心聲
Other Titles: Heidegger's Humanistic Care and Educational Voice: With an Investigation on the Chinese Meaning of Da-sein
Authors: 李克寰 
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 柏拉圖之洞穴寓言道出一種追求真理的教育本質,對真理之看待方式又替探究「存在」的形上學奠定基礎,但海德格爾認為,形上學由於混淆了「存在」與「存在者」,把「存在者」的表象當成真理,「存在」因而遭到遺忘,連帶所及,人的存在亦受遮蔽,西方教育極其重視之人文主義,便是傳統形上學的產物,於此人文傳統中,雖然總以發揚人性光輝為職志,立基「存在者」之概念性思維卻屢藉「人是理性的動物」般的定義阻絕通往「存在」之路,人的本質反倒隱而不彰,為打破形上學僵局,讓存在之光重新照亮人性,海德格爾乃著《存在與時間》,並由各項言論教導另一種源自存在自身、以情緒做出發之調頻性思維,不過若依此將他視為踐踏理性的反人文主義者,未免有失公允,毋寧說,他恰用極為特殊的手法來提升人性尊嚴。
The allegory of Plato's cave indicates an education that pursues Truth as its essence. The ways to deal with truth also lay the foundation for metaphysics that inquires about Being. However, Being remains forgotten because Heidegger thought metaphysics has confused Being and beings. Under such viewpoint, the representation of beings stands for truth and Being of human being lies in oblivion. The humanism that plays an important role in western education thus becomes the product of traditional metaphysics. Although the humanistic tradition always aims to disclose the glory of humanity, the essence of man is ironically concealed because through definitions like "man as rational creature" based on conceptual thinking for beings the path leading to Being is blocked up. With a view to breaking the ice in metaphysics and letting humanity illuminated anew by the light of Being, Heidegger embarked on writing "Being and Time". Moreover, he dedicated other speeches or articles to instruct a kind of sentimental-grounded attuning thinking which originally springs from Being itself. It would be unjustifiable to take him as an anti-humanist who trod rationality under foot; rather, he in fact exalted the dignity of humanity by a very extraordinary touch.
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