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Title: 國小SWOT分析項目、權重體系及影響因素之研究
Other Titles: The Matters of Applying SWOT Analytic Items, Its Weight System, and Influential Factors in Elementary Schools
Authors: 葉連祺
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: SWOT 分析為策略管理的重要工具,而採用的分析項目是影響分析品質和形成有效決策的關鍵。近年來國內國小普遍採用該技術於發展整體課程計畫,但是若干研究發現有 誤用的現象,且採用項目是否適當,亦欠缺檢視,故有必要探討國小採用的項目、影響因素、及項目的權重體系,以增進國小SWOT 分析的品質。對此,本研究提出一個SWOT 分析項目的架構,使用具良好信效度的問卷,調查 211 位國小教育人員,發現若干項目普受重視和採用,可形成兩個集群,並建構出一個分析項目的權重體系,又學校性質、地區、學校規模、職務、性別等變項會不同程 度地影響人員評定項目的重要性,而項目重要性評定和採用情形為正相關。
SWOT analysis is an important tool for strategic management, and its analytic items are critical for the achieving of analytic quality and making effective decisions. Although the use of SWOT for developing school curriculum plans is the prevailing trend in Taiwan, some researches has shown that it is being used incorrectly in practice. On the other hand, there is also a lack of means of verification of the appropriateness of analytic items. Hence the need for studying the SWOT analytic items and its weight system, as well as other influential factors, to improve the quality of SWOT for use in elementary schools. A framework for SWOT analytic items was proposed and a questionnaire with good reliability and validity was used to test 211 elementary school educators. The results indicated that some analytic items were more frequently noticed and used than others; thus the items could be divided into two groups. Furthermore, a weight items system was also developed. The school’s type, location, scale, position and gender can affect the ranking of each item’s importance to a varying degree. Besides, each item’s importance was positively correlated with the selection of items.
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