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Title: 從"自我解釋"所產生的推論探究高中生化學平衡的學習
Other Titles: Learning Chemical Equilibrium Via Self-explanations
Authors: 邱美虹
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 一般而言,在研究學生解題的策略時可利用反應速度、錯誤類型的對比方式來比較專家與生手之差異:如由簡單策略到複雜策略之使用或學習者不再使用原有之錯誤等。但這些並未說明"學習是如何產生的"(Chi,1993)。因此著者擬從學生在學習時其所產生的推論來理解學習者其知識表徵與知識獲得的過程。本研究主要的目的是在探討高中學生在學習化學平衡時其知識建構過程中所產生的推論(inference)為何,並嚐試對推論與學習的關係作一解釋。其主要的研究問題有下列兩種:1.學生是否在閱讀時會自我產生推論?若有,其推論的內容與結構為何?2.學習成就不同的學生在推論過程中其表現有何異同?本研究分析結果將推論分成六大類型:參考型、常識型、相關型、比較型、邏輯型、統整型。一般而言,學習者較易形成局部知識的推論,而缺乏整體的學習,其中以低成就組為最。因此學生較少產生有關統整型的推論。同時研究結果也指出,在推論的品質上高成就組所形成之推論亦較低成就組為佳。
Research shows that students have difficulties in learning sciences inschool context. Although there are many factors influence students'achievement in learning science, it is a vital issue that how we can help ourstudents be successful in school learning. This study intends to investigate apotentially powerful learning strategy, self-explanations, for students' meaningful learning. The purposes of this study are(l) to investigate how students generateinferences while reading the materials for learning chemicalequilibrium, (2) to examine the structure and content of the inferences, and (3) to interpret the quality of influences generated by the more and less successful students. The procedures are as follows: (l)pretest(including terms, real lifeproblems, and content-specific problems), (2) reading phase, (3)studyingexamples (mainly required to think aloud so that researcher can tape-record one's verbal data for later transcription and analyses. The results reveal that there are six types of inferences: reference inference, commonsense inference, related inference, comparative inference,logical inference, and integrated inference. Also, the study finds thatstudents tend to generate local influences during study. They are lack oflinking knowledge globally. Finally, the results show the more successfulstudents provide better quality of influences than the less successfulstudents.
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