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Title: 練習式CAI選題策略之比較研究
Other Titles: A Study of Item Presenting Strategies in Practice CAI
Authors: 何榮桂
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討練習式CAI中不同選題策略(串列、隨機、閃爍卡式佇立及變數式題距表現佇立等四種)對練習效果的影響。練習內容係以英語同義字或詞為題材,初擬之題目經項目分析後,區分為低、中及高三種難度水準之練習題,且以此等題目建立題庫,提供線上練習。經以60名大一學生在三種難度題庫下進行四種選題策略之線上練習教學,間隔一週後,受試者在線上受測所獲得之資料,經分析之結果獲得以下結論:1.練習式CAI中練習題之選題策略(如串列,隨機,閃爍卡式佇立及變數式題距表現佇立等選題策略)與題庫中所含練習題之難度(如低難度、中難度及高難度)間並無交互作用存在。2.就練習CAI中練習題之選題策略而言,選題策略的確會影響練習效果。其中以變數式題距表現佇立選題策略之練習效果最佳,閃爍卡式佇立選題次之,串列選題再次,而隨機選題之練習效果之影響最小。3.就題庫中所合練習題之難度觀之,無論使用何種選題策略,均以低難度題庫之練習效果較佳,高難度題庫之練習效果較差,此結果符合一般的看法。本研究並根據設計上之經驗及實徵之結論,提供下列建議:1.在題庫中所含練習題之難度相同或相當的情況下,可使用「串列」及「隨機」兩種選題策略,唯在設計隨機選題策略時,應預先設定每一題有「重複」練習的機會。2.在題庫中所含練習題之難度不同或難度之分布很廣的情況下,可使用「佇立式」選題策略。當所欲練習之題目不多時,可利用閃爍卡佇式立選題策略,以避免因過多的強迫練習機會而花太多的時間。至於「變數式題距表現選題策略」,在大部分的情況皆可使用,唯所設定之題距之位置不宜太多,以免使用太多的時間。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the emprirical effect of four item presenting modes (i.e.list selection, random selection, flashcard queuing and variable intervalperformance queuing) on practice. Practice items used in this study are obtained from apaper-and-pencil test which consists of four options. To explore the effects of item difficulty on practice, three item banks, which vary in the statictical characteristics of items,are created. To implement these modes, presenting procedure are developed. The following conclusions emerge from the data analysis:1. No significance is observed for the interaction between the presenting modes and difficulty of practice items.2. The variable interval performance queuing is the most efficient one among the presenting modes used.3. Comparing the practice effect of the three item banks with different diffculties, the item bank with low difficulty shows significantly better effect than those with the moderate and high difficulty. The concrete results of the study would provide CAI designers and evealuators goodreference.1. The list selection mode and random selection node could be used when the practice items are with the same difficulty or condition. But the rehersal practices should be offerd when random selection is designed.2. The queuing presenting mode could be used when the items are with varied difficulties. And if there are a small number of items, the flashcard queuing strategy could be chosen to spare the time. For the variable interval performance queuing strategy, it could be used under most situations, but the interval of items should be shortened to save time.
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