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Title: 世界主要國家社會(美術館)美術欣賞教育之比較研究
Other Titles: Comparative Study of Public Art Appreciation Education among Fine Art Museums of Major Countries around the World
Authors: 郭禎祥
Issue Date: Jun-1993
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 欲達成全民「藝術生活化,生活藝術化」的目標,則必須從全民藝術欣賞教育做起,而欲推展我國藝術欣賞教育,以提昇全民欣賞藝術的環境與能力,實應先瞭解世界各主要國家藝術欣賞教育發展情形,藉以截長補短,做為參考與借鏡。限於時間與經費,本研究雖以全體民眾為社會藝術欣賞教育之對象,但所研究之範圍則採狹義的定義,將「社會」視為學校以外之社教機構。又因「藝術」包含之範圍甚廣,本研究則以藝術中之「美術」為探討重點,以世界各主要國家美術館社會美術欣賞教育現況為研究範圍基於研究結果與結論,提出下列各項建議,做為國內推廣社會美術欣賞教育之相關單位參考。一、由館長率先倡導美術教有理念,建立全館所有人員的共識,建立美術館整體活動的政策與計劃。二、美術館與相關機構積極進行美術館社會教有活動規劃研究。三、美術館欲充分發揮美術教育潛能,則必須掌握下列活動規刑要素。(1)美術館內外在環境的分析(2)充分瞭解美術館學習者的體系與需求(3)設定美術館整體與個別的活動目標 (4)訂定週詳的活動計劃,將美術教育的理念與方法應用其中(5)訂定配合活動的成本與行銷推廣等行政計劃(6)訂定週詳有效的評鑑計劃,以改進活動的品質四、提昇美術館美術教育活動規劃內涵必須從人才培訓著手(1)美術館設立教育部門,由專業者負責推動美術館的美術教有(2)美術館有計刮的培訓美術教有活動規劃人才(3)設立專門訓練機構或科系培育美術館教育活動規劃人才五、加強美術館與學校約合作關係六、建立推行美術欣賞教育的整體架構.
In order to achieve the goal of art for all, it is necessary to start with art appreciationeducation for all. In order to promote art appreciation education in the ROC with the aim of enhancing the environment and capabilities for the general public's appreciation of art, we reallyneed first to understand how art appreciation education has been developed in the major countriesof the world, to serve as reference for remedying our shortcomings. Due to limited time andresources, although this thesis assumes that the adopted general public are to be the object ofsocial art appreciation education, We a narrower definition for this study where "social" wasregarded as meaning social education organizations apart from schools. Also, since "art"embraces a very wide scope, this study focussed on "visual art" within the whole spectrum of art.The scope of this study was confined to social fine art appreciation education as currentlypracticed by fine art museums of major countries around the world. The following recommendations were put forward on the basis of this study and itsconclusions:1.The museum director should take the lead in promoting the concept of art education, establishing a consensus among the entire museum staff and mapping out policies and plans for the museum's overall activities.2.Art museums and relevant organizations should actively pursue planning and study of social education activities on the part of the museum.3.1n order to exploit the full potential of art education, fine art museums must grasp the following essential factors in planning their activities:(1)Analyze the museum's interior and exterior environment.(2)Fully understand the structure and needs of those learning from the museum.(3)Establish overall and individual objectives for museum activities.(4)Draw up a detailed schedule of activities, applying art education concepts and methods inthem.(5)Draw up administrative plans to deal with the activities' costs, marketing and promotion.(6)Draw up a
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