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Title: 化學師資基本能力及條件之初步研究
Other Titles: A Preliminary Research on Basic Competency for Secondary School Chemistry Teachers
Authors: 黃寶鈿
Issue Date: Jun-1993
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 師資培育問題是整個教育研究領域的一大課題;因各學科間有許多差異性存在,所以在各學科之師資培育上也因學科之差異而各具特性。本篇研究報告即針對中學化學師資基本能力及條件做一探討,以了解一位俊秀之化學教師所應具備的基本能力及條件,作為化學師資培育工作的參考。本研究採用問卷調查法; 工具為一份三張之問卷,問卷內容分成三部份:(一)化學師資基本能力及條件調查,(二)實驗教學之實施,(三)教學實驗室。研究結果發現,有關化學知識、概念、實驗及教材方面的四項基本能力及條件有逾五成以上的教師認為極重要。此四項獲得有實際教學經驗之教師的普遍認同,故應列為師資培育的首要重點。在問卷中實驗教學的部份發現,受訪之教師中有53.19的教師不能完全正確指導學生的實驗技巧。而教師對教學實驗室的看法普遍採樂觀其成的態度,並給予正面的支持與回應。本研究報告並進一步對國科會補助各師範院校成立"教學實驗室 ",提供具體的建議,使"教學實驗室"能更落實、更有效地運用在師資培育上,並充分發揮其培養優良師資的功能。
The teacher's competency is one of the essential conditions which lead to a successfulinstruction; therefore, the training of competent teachers plays an important role in the research of education. The methodologies of teaching different subject fields vary from oneto another, thus the training of teachers for different subject areas is also quite discrepant.In this study, we investigate the main objects concerning the basic abilities and qualificationsof a chemistry teacher. In this research, we conducted a questionaire which contains three-parts:(l)theinvestigation of the basic abilities and qualifications of a competent chemistry teacher; (2)the implementation of experiment in laboratory teaching; (3)the using of a special teachinglaboratory for teaching. The results of this research revealed that more than 50 of the teachers were convincedthat these four basic abilities and qualifications were considered as important for teachers:(1) Tequipped with all the essential chemistry knowledge and concepts included in the teaching materials; (2) T2:Possessing the principles and procedures in teaching in a lab; (3) T3 :skilful in doing chemistry experiments; (4) T12: capable of realizing and emphasizing theimportant portions of teaching materials. These four qualities are considered to be important by almost all the experienced teachers, and they should be as the foundamental parts inthe training programs. This research showed that 53.19 of the teachers could not offerenough guidance to the experimental skills of their students. However, nearly all the teachersagreed to this point of view and believed that using the lab was important. This article also made several suggestions to using the "teaching labs" which weresponsored by the National Science Council of ROC and it may also help all the prospectiveteachers learn the skill and techniques of teaching in advance.
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