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Title: 高中數理實驗班學生「水溶液中的化學平衡」解題之質性研究
Other Titles: The Qualitative Study of Talented High School Students While Solving Chemical Equilibrium Problems in Aqueous Solution
Authors: 洪志明
Issue Date: Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的目的在探討高三數理實驗班學生解決「水溶液中的化學平衡」問題之解題歷程及行為表現。採用小樣本之質性研究法,針對臺北市某公立高中數理實驗班十五位高三學生進行研究,研究結果顯示,所有解題者均表現出部分「成功的解題者」之特徵,這些特徵包括:正確的化學表徵、將解題視為推理的過程、運用有效的捷思法以及相關的原理與概念來解題。此外,解題者在部分題目的解答過程解題行為也反應出「生手」的特質。 由十五位突題者之解題成就評量及解題過程分析發現,影響其解題成敗的因素有下列幾項:對化學概念與基本技能的正確理解與完備程厲、適當地使用演算法則、有效的解題策略、推理與計算結果的交叉檢驗及題目的難度。
The purpose of this study was to explore the performance of talented high school students while solving chemical equilibrium problems in aqueous solution. The subjects were asked to think aloud while solving problems and their protocols were analyzed to describe their problem solving behaviors and induce those factors affecting success of problem-solving. All subjects' performances were characterized by the nature of both successful problem solvers and novices. The characters of successful problem solvers performed were correct chemical representation, perceiving the problems as tasks deserving careful analysis and reasoning, using good heuristics, and constructing a solving plan by the conceptualization of domain specific knowledge. In addition, they also performed the nature of novices which included showing knowledge gaps about the main concepts of problems, possessing chemistry misconceptions, ignoring the limit of procedural knowledge, using algorithm incorrectly and using the algorithmic strategy. The results indicated that those factors affecting success of problem-solving included appropriate problem representation, the amount and quality of chemistry content knowledge, using correct algorithm, chemical mathematical skills, effective strategy, checking of the inconsistency among qualitative reasoning and quantitative calculation and the difficulty of problems.
Other Identifiers: 0EDE6134-03D6-1730-5BCE-B4108BBCE48E
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