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Title: 當孩子與老師運作的課程相遇
Other Titles: When Children Encounter Teacher's Manifest Curriculum: A Case Study of Young Children's Experiential Curriculum
Authors: 廖鳳瑞
Issue Date: Sep-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究以個案研究的方式探索二位五歲幼兒對於教師運作課程的知覺與感受。本研究主要的發現有:(1) 老師運作的課程屬輻射性的主題課程,並強調如何正確做,焦點幼兒在這樣的課程脈絡下,學到了如何正確執行工作,但並不理解為何要如此做,也未習得教師所期 望的課程目標概念。(2)焦點幼兒都喜歡老師,他們對於運作課程活動的好惡,受到個人特質、興趣、家庭經驗以及活動性質的影響。(3)除了上述相同之外, 兩位焦點幼兒對於老師運作的課程有著不同的陳述格式與內容,理解的程度也略有不同。根據本研究的發現,我們提出一些對於幼兒教育課程評鑑與課程改革的省思 及研究方法上的建議。
This study explored two 5-year-old girls' experience of their teacher's formal curriculum. In-class videotaping, after-class interviews of two children, and the teacher's curriculum documents were collected. There were three major findings. First, in the context of a radiated thematic curriculum with the emphasis on how to complete teacher's pre-planned tasks, the subjects could accurately recall the task procedures but did not understand the teacher's rationale or the concepts underlying the tasks. Second, the subjects' activity preferences were influenced by each child's temperament and interests, the degree to which each activity was perceived as fun or boring, and their family experience. Third, the form and content of the two children's narratives about classroom life, as well as their understanding of the teacher's operational curriculum, were different. The implications for curriculum evaluation and reform, as well as suggestions for future research, are discussed.
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