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Title: 日治時期排灣族雕刻圖像的變遷
Other Titles: The Transition of Woodcarving Iconography in Aboriginal Paiwan during the Japanese-Owned Period: Illustrated from Police Iconography
Authors: 簡芳菲
Fang-Fei Chein
Issue Date: Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本論文以排灣族中、南部地區頭目家屋壁板雕飾為例,探討日治時期雕刻圖像的改變及其中警察圖像的產生。首先對於所搜集刻有警察圖像的頭目家屋雕飾詳細描述其主題、形式、圖紋設計等;並經由歷史文獻的考察比照,口述資料的蒐集,去探討與圖像相關的內容。針對警察圖像產生的原因及此形式造型受到外來文化的影響,本論文也作進一層的探究,包括日治時期總督府的觀光、教育政策使原住民有新的藝術觀及視覺經驗,或當時書報媒體的傳入,這些外來文化對新圖像的產生及雕刻形式的改變有著重要的影響。再則,試圖從圖像的觀察出發,分析警察圖像對當時排灣族社會及部落族人的意義為何,並加以說明銓釋圖像形式變遷背後所代表的意涵。
Based on the field survey in middle and south area of Paiwan, this thesis mainly discusses the formation of the police iconography found in aboriginal woodcarvings. Viewing several woodcarvings used to decorate the home of tribe's chief, author detects that the police iconography was originally found during the Japanese-owned period. Via in-depth research, author tried to find the real meaning of the police iconography to the Paiwan people and society. Moreover in order to realize the alien culture impact, the hidden meaning behind the police iconography was also uncovered by author. First the author describes the research objectives - housing woodcarvings for chief's home - in very detail, including the woodcarvings' subject, size, scale, and different design style of police iconography. Then making an analytical comparison between the traditional Paiwan housing woodcarvings and the Japanese-owned Paiwan ones with police iconography. The thesis desires to realize the formation of police iconography in terms of culture impact from Japanese policies. Finally the author tries to explain the implicit meaning of police iconography via providing a system approach, accompanied with many other clues, such as academic articles and field surveys.
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