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Title: Construction of Line Drawing Graph from Wing Samples
Other Titles: 籍由WING來建立影像中的線段圖
Authors: 李忠謀
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文提供兩種方法籍由wing而建立出完的影像線段圖。這兩種方法使用範圍皆為由平面剪紙平面物體所組成的3D景深影像畫面,但其所需要的假設並不相同。第一種方法需要重複使用原先之景深影像來重整影像中所有的線段,而第二種方法則利用物體在幾何上的限制來推導出必備的法則來整重及建立所有的線段,然而這些法則並不完整,因有些影像將無法被單一的表示出來。這兩種方法之演算法已被撰寫程式,且成功運用在人造及真實的影像上。
In this paper, two methods for completecontruction of the "laveled linedrawing graph" (LLDG) from a set of sampled "wings" are presented. Twoorigami and polygonal scene reconstructio procedures are given to analyzescenes under various restrictiveassumpions. With very idealistic assumptionsabout the wing samples, the complete and unique LLDG is tenable if resampling of the range image is allowed. By studying the geometric properties of the line drawing graphs, a set of necessary but notsufficient rulesare derived to reconstruct the LLDG without having to resample the rangeimage; however, uniqueness of the reconstructed LLDG is not guaaranteed.All of the implemented algorithms have been tested on both synthetic andreal images.
Other Identifiers: 06319C4F-B8A2-4B46-3F2C-C6E841D67794
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