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Title: 國小三至五年級自然科學課程學習困難之教材分析
Other Titles: An Analysis of Difficult-to-learn Materials in Science Curriculum for Grade Three to Grade Five Students in Elementary Schools
Authors: 李田英 
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文的目的為探討造成國小三至五年級自然科學教材學習困難之原因,採Tyier的課程評量模式,探究所規劃的課程、執行的課程及學生學會的課程之間的一致性。所使用的數據為民國69-75年度,教育部委託臺灣省教師研習會,執行之研究計劃「國民小學自然科學學習能力評量」所得之測驗結果。研究結果顯示文中38所國小三個層次的課程之間一致性為4。此為造成學習困難教教材的主因,其次為教材之學習年級安排欠佳,及試題作答的方式過於艱難。研究結果顯示國內有關學童科學學習之基礎資料仍嫌不足,學者們的研究宜更與實務結合。同時,設計課程時宜多參考已有之迷思概念的研究結果,以期教材之安排更適宜。
The purpose of this study is to find the possible reasons for the fact that studentscould not achieve as the curriculum is designed for. The congruence among intended,implemented, and achieved curriculum is investigated based on the Tyier's curriculumevaluation model. Test results from the project of "Evaluation of elementary school students' science achievement" from the Taiwan Provincial Teacher In-service Center during 1980-1986 are used and analyzed. Findings indicate that there is 4 of congruence among intended, implemented,and achieved curriculum. Low percentage of congruence, inadequate arrangement oflearning materials, and complexity of answer form of some test items are the main reasons for students' low achievement. Results reveal that there is not enough research data which are related to elementary students' science learning. It is suggested that more practical oriented researchcould be done.
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