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Title: 爐石填充聚丙烯塑膠材料性質的研究
Other Titles: Material Properties of Slag-Filled Polypropylene
Authors: 王瑾輝
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 為能提昇煉鋼廠水淬爐石(slag)的實用價值,本研究進行爐石做為聚丙烯塑膠添加劑的評估。實驗結果顯示爐石的添加,將提升材料的彎曲強度十耐衝擊強度和拉力、彎曲模數。爐石的補強效果,介於滑石粉與碳酸鈣粉之間。粒徑小者(約10μm)具有較佳機械性質,較適當的爐石添加量為30~40wt。另外,從電子顯微鏡的觀察得知爐石粉與基材的界面按著不佳,但可經偶合劑如LZ44的處理來改善,同時改善後之材料在耐衝擊強度方面有顯著的增加。
As an effort to promote the added value of slag, which is an industrial waste fromthe ironmaking process, a feasibility study for using slag as a filler in polypropylene wasconducted. Experimental results revealed that addition of slag could improve the flexural strength, impact strength, tensile modulus and flexural modulus of polypropylene.The reinforcing effect is between that of talc and that of calcium carbonate. Materialwith slag particles of around 10 nm exhibits better mechanical properties. The properamount of slag added in polypropylene is about 30 ~ 40wt. Furthermore, the interfacial adhesion between slag and polymer matrix was found poor from the observation ofa scanning electron microscope. The situation could be improved by treating slag withcoupling agents such as LZ44. After treatment with LZ44, the resulting material showshigher impact strength than the untreated.
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