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Title: 科技教育目標認知之比較研究
Other Titles: A Comparison of Program Goals Emphasized in Technology Education in Taiwan
Authors: 游光昭
Issue Date: Apr-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的目的在比較科技教育師資培育機構的學者與中等學校工藝╱生活科技教師對科技教育課程目標認知的差異。研究係透過問卷調查方式,研究結果則主要分析自46位師資培育機構學者、143位國中生活科技教師、及74位高中工藝教師對科技課程目標的認知判斷。本研究的主要結論如下: 1.師資培育機構的學者對國中科技教育各目標重視程度的看法與國中生活科技教師大致相同 ,但對於高中科技教育目標的看法則與高中工藝教師存有差異。 2.不同地區的國中生活科技教師對各科教育目標的看法稍有不同,但不同地區的高中工藝教 師對各目標的看法則頗為一致。 3.在比較目前與理想兩種科技教育的教學環境下,師資培育機構學者與國、高中工藝╱生活 科技教師對兩者間之目標應重視程度均存有差異。
The major focus of this study was to obtain information and to make comparisons of the importance of technology education program goals as determined by the professional groups in Taiwan: teacher educators and secondary technology education teachers. Data were collected through a mial questionnaire. Results of the study were based on responses received from 46 teacher educators, 143 junior high school technology teachers, and 74 senior high school industrial arts teachers. Major conclusions reached as a result of the study were: 1.Teacher educators and industrial arts/technology teachers held similar opinions about the importance of program goal in junior high level, but different opinions in senior high level. 2.Industrial arts/technology teachers in the three geographic locations held different opinions about the importance of program goals in junior high level, but similar opinions in senior high level. 3.All groups of respondents put greater importance in the ideal goals as compared to actual goals in the 16 goal statements for technology education.
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