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Title: 公館地區CO濃度與氣象要素的關係
Other Titles: The Relationship between the Meteorological Factors and the CO Conentration at Kung Kuang District, Taipei
Authors: 林政宏
Issue Date: Jun-1992
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 1991年11月世界衛生組織決定把一氧化碳CO視為構成空氣污染的罪魁禍首,由此可知其濃度的變化己對人類生活造成威脅。在乾淨大氣中CO濃度為 0.01-0.02ppm,污染大氣則為5ppm以上,而大氣中祇要濃度超過0.08ppm就會影響人體健康。 然而天氣變化是影響空氣污染的主因(如風、溫度等),因此本文利用1991年8月23-26日在公館區實測CO濃度的變化,配合本系及氣象局的觀測資料作分析,找出在實際大氣中,氣象與污染源變化的關係。
The World Health Organization had decided against the carbon monoxide (CO) in which is the ringleader of the air pollution since November 1991 and such concentration is threaten to human life. CO concentration is only about 0.01 to 0.02 ppm in fresh air and over 0.5 ppm in the polluted air, but when ever being over 0.08 ppm in concentration is hazardous to human health. However, the weather factors, such as wind, temperature, are the main reason that affect air pollution. Thus, this study uses the real data of CO concentration from 23rd to 26td of August. 1991 and also utilized the meteorological data of the Central Weather Bureau as well as data obtained from the Department of Earth Science, N.T.N.U., to explore the possible reasons why the weather factors affect the accumulation and dissipation of air pollutants.
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