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Title: 從臺灣成年後失明者赴美復健歷程
Other Titles: Discussion on Rehabilitation Plan for the Visually Impaired in Taiwan Based on the Rehabilitation Services Experienced by a Taiwanese with Visual Impairment in the U.S.A
Authors: 賴淑蘭
Thomson Gavin
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 學灣巾見障人口中成年人高達97.0% '後天失明者則占了7 1. 5% 。對於1有數不少的成年後失明者,目前我國勞政主管機關委由民間團體來辦理視障者復健方案。本文從A位成年後失明者赴美復健的歷程來探討其復健成功的因素。筆者參考相關文獻後,比較臺灣與美國的制度建立及政策推行之不同點;\l(~針對臺灣復健方案之法規方面、觀念方面及實務方面,提出建議。
In Taiwan, 97% of the visual impaired are adults , and about 3/4 of them acquire visual impairment. For those who acquire visual impairment after 18 years old, rehabilitation plans are provided by non-governmental organizations authored by Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan. However, the effectiveness is still questionable. The purpose of this paper is to discuss factors influencing rehabilitation process by reviewing a successful story of a Taiwanese with visual impairment who received rehabilitation services in the U.S. The authors compared differences on policy and implementation in Taiwan and in the U.S. Suggestions on Taiwanese policy in rehabilitation and implementation are provided
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