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Title: 國中資源班學生性別平等教育課程設計與教學心得
Other Titles: Teaching Experience and Curriculum Design of Gender Equality Education for Junior High School Students in Resource Programs
Authors: 蕭偉智
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本文旨在分辛辛者於閩中資源班所進行的性別平等教I守課程與教學經驗。文中,強調目前國中階段資源班學生的性別平等教育處於灰色地帶,但是學生往往有其特殊教育需求,因此呼籲特殊教育工作者重視此議題。性別平等教育課程應該包含性生理、性心理、性社會領域,其內容必須配合個體、家庭、社區因素。教師在進行教學前面先釐清白身對性別平等教育態度與觀念;教學時注意教學內容、教學方式、角色扮演的適切性:教學後,教師與家長與普通教師定期聯繫追蹤學生適應狀況並將性別半等教育融入生活。最後,結由實際的教學經驗,希望能夠提供相關教育人員及家長教學與教養上的參考。
The main purposc of this article was to share the curriculum design and teaching cxperience of gender equality cducation for junior high school students in resourcc programs. The authors pointed out that the gender equality education for these target students was just likc a borderland which was indistinct and neglected. However, it was propagandized that spccial educators should place importance on this is issue to meet the spccial necds of these students. In designing the curriculum of gender cquality education, thc individual, family, and society factors should be considered into thc thrcc domains--physiology, psychology, and sociology. In addition , prior to tcaching,teachcrs should clarify their attitude and pcrspctivc towards the gender equality education. In class, teachcrs should consider thc matcrials, methods, and the appropriateness of role playing while teaching Afterwards teachers needed to , in collaboration with rcgular class teachers and parents,follow-up the student's adjustment regularly to see how they behave in daily life. Finally, the authors sharcd thcir tcaching cxpcricncc with educational staffs and parents for rcfcrcncc.
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