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Title: 多媒體教材在國小一般學童與注音符號學習困難學童學習注音符號之成效探討
Other Titles: The Effects of Multimedia Material on Learning the Chinese Phonetic Symbols for the Elementary Students and Students with Learning Disabilities
Authors: 詹森仁
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討多媒體教材在國小學草注青符號學習|利難改善之成效。本研究所界定之「多媒體教材」為有愛無礙闢隊圳發之注音符號多媒體輔助教學教材,研究者針對」年級實驗組學童以多媒體教材輔助站期十週之注音符號教學。研究發現實驗組與接受仿生傳統教學的控制組學生在未經注音符號教學的的「認讀能力」皆優於「聽寫能力其中實驗制在經多媒體教材教學後,其在注音符號能力進步情形與控制組並無顯著是異;而在追蹤表現上除「認讀符號 以實驗組學生顯著優於控制組學生之外,其餘七項分數進步情形亦未達顯著差異。上述結果顯示多媒體教學並不遜於一般傳統教學,而在教導注音符號學習困難學童師資或文化刺激缺乏時,多媒體輔助教學亦可考量。本研究依上述結論,提出對未來教育的建議,以供特殊教育教師及相關研究者對多媒體教材有更深入的了解。
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of Chinese phonetic symbols teaching via multimedia on students with learning difficulties. The multimedia versionof Chinese phonetic symbols eoursewarc was developed by the research team. Subjects were first gradcrs who werc allocated randomly to either experimental or control group to learn Chinese phonctic symbols for ten wceks with or without the aids of the multimedia material The major findings of this research were: (1) “ reading ability" of eithcr experimental group or control group students was superior to "dictation ability," asindicated from the pre-test results, while the performances of both abilities showed no signcant differences between the two groups alier conducting the experiment(2)There were no significant diffcrcnees in scores betwcen experimental group and control group students in improvement of Chinese-phonetie-symbols performance in post test and; (3) there were no significant differences between experiment group and control group students exccpt “ reading ability'' in delaying tests . It was perceived that multimedia assisted Chinese-phonctie-symbols teaching could be as good as traditional teaching. In addition , when teaching students with learning difficulties in the situation of lacking qualified teachers or of cultural deprivation , multimedia assisted tcaching could be a good choice Based on the findings of this study, the researchcrs provided suggestions and possible research direetions in the fields of multimedia assisted teaching and courseware development to special education teachers and researchers
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