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Title: 特殊教育並不特殊:從特殊教育的特殊性談融合教育之現況與未來
Authors: 林珮如
Pei-Ju Lin
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 特殊教育的「特殊」是什麼?本文從5W lH六方面整理特殊教育的特殊性,認為服務對象的特殊性根本上就決定了教育內容與方法的特殊性。本文試著藉由一些解決方法或處理策略來消除其特殊性,以逐步從「特殊」邁向「融合J '但筆者認為目前特殊教育在教育對象、內容及方法上仍具有特殊性,其中普通班教師及外在環境兩方面是目前讓特殊教育在教育內容和方法仍具特殊性的主要因素,以致於無法真正消除其特殊性,而阻礙邁向全面融合的境界。
This article discussed six aspects of “specialness" in special education from 5WlH perspectives. Although inclusion has been emphasized in the field of special education, the author found that the specialness in special education exists due to the special needs of students with disabilities, and thus affects the curriculum and instruction provided to them. The above situation may be caused by factors regarding general teachers and environmental issues. It is expected that special education moves towards the full inclusion.
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