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Title: 新修訂特殊教育課程綱要實施之挑戰與因應措施
Other Titles: The Challenges and Coping Strategies of the Newly Revised Curriculum Guidelines for Students with Special Needs
Authors: 何素華
Su-Hua Ho
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 新修訂的特殊教育課程綱要(新課綱)強調融合教育理念,使我國特殊教育課程發展邁入了新境界,也面臨新的挑戰。本文分析新課綱在試行時所面臨的問題,發現:在理念的溝通與宣導、教師課程的調整、行政配套措施與相關資源的提供以及師資培育的因應等方面都面臨不少的挑戰。作者除了提出因應策略外,並且建議教育主管單位能組織新課綱實施推動小組,加強溝通宣導,整合相關資源提供充分支持,鼓勵課程研究,發展多層次教材及課程本位評量工具以及提供專業對話平台,使新課綱能順利實施。
The Newly Revised Curriculum Guidelines for Students with Special Needs (NRCGSSN), which emphasizes the concept of inclusive education, has brought the development of special education curriculums in Taiwan into a new and challenging realm. This paper analyzed the problems and challenges in the aspects of communication and advocacy, teacher curriculum adaptation, administrative support, and related teacher training during the pilot implementation of the NRCGSSN. In addition to proposed coping strategies, the author made suggestions to Taiwanese education authorities for the smooth implementation of the NRCGSSN: (1) to organize the Committee for Promotion of the NRCGSSN, (2) to strengthen communication and advocacy, (3) to integrate all the related resources for adequate supports, (4) to encourage more research for the curriculum studies, (5) to develop multi-level learning materials and (6) to provide professional dialogue platform.
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