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Title: 教師對聽覺障礙兒童聲調教學的質性研究
Other Titles: A Qualitative Research on Teaching Mandarin Tones to Children with Hearing Impairment: From Teachers' Viewpoint
Authors: 許昭慧
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 為了了解上海地區的教師實施聲調教學的做法與想法,採用質性研究方法訪談四位資深的教師,包括幼見園聾見班和聾見康復機構的教師,以及聾校低年級的語文教師,使用的研究工具有訪談題綱、逐字稿、研究備忘錄與研究者,研究結果發現聽辨、說、看、記和掌握是所有教師的核心概念,然而在不同教育環境與聾見不同的年齡下,聲調教學的教學時機、教學模式和教學側重點並不相同。
The purpose of the study was to understand how teachers in Shanghai taught Mandarin tones to children with hearing impairment, and what their instruction philosophies were. Four senior Chinese teachers working on a preschool, a special school and a rehabilitation institute were interviewed. Research tools were an interview outline, tape scripts, research memos and the researcher. The results clearly indicated five core native concepts: listening, speaking, looking, memorizing and handling. Different teaching timing, models and focus that were depending on each school environment and the ages of the children were discussed.
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