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Title: 影響家長及教師對智能障礙者執行性教育的因素
Other Titles: Factor Impacting Parental and Teacher Willingness to Provide Sexuality Education to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
Authors: 林燕卿
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 許多的因素影響父母及教師對智能障礙者實施性教育如:(1)性知識不足,認為智能障礙者沒有性的需求,沒有能力及條件生育小孩,兩個智能障礙的人結婚是不須要的,及擔心他們被侵害或控制不住慾望容易侵犯他人。 (2)性態度負向,完全排斥他們有性行為的發生,也因為扭心教導之後引起他們的好奇與嚐試。不主動實施性教育,縱然有,是因情境闢係不得不教導的無奈,對於性教育角色的扭任是擔心,且認為沒有能力。(3)性溝通行為方面,多數家長和老師因對性議題的敏感及焦慮、溝通時是不自在、不舒適的,因此在溝通的主題及頻率上相對減少。
Most factor impacting parental and teacher willingness to provide sexuality education to children and student with intellectual disabilities. 1. Lack for sexual knowledge. They think their children and student have no sexual needs and abilities and condition to breed. They think it is unnecessary for intellectually disabled people's marriage. They are also worried about they would be attacked or would attack others sexually 2. In sexual attitude is negative. They totally exclude their children and student from sexual behavior, and do not give their sexuality education actively in order to avoid encouraging their interests in sex. If they have to implement sexuality education to their children and student, it must because they have no choice in some situations. They are worried and consider themselves disability to be sexuality educators. 3. In sexual communication behavior, most ofparents and teachers lack for subjects and frequencies in communication because they are sensitive and anxious to sex issues and feel uncomfortable in communication usually.
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