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Title: 肯納症及亞斯柏格症文獻的研究趨勢
Other Titles: Literature Review of Research on Kanner's Syndrome and Asperger Syndrome Research
Authors: 羅天一
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本研究主要臼的在蒐集、整理及分析1991 年才有2008年I旬國內外有關肯納症(白閉症)及亞斯柏格症有關的文獻探討。在1991 至2008 逅十八年中整理出國內外375篇文章裡,我們的研究結果發現: 、探討發表的年度與各年度發表文章數H 的線性關係峙,發現其趨勢小管在國內、國外或國內外合計,上均呈正向關係'顯示該期間內國內外有關肯納症及早斯柏格症有關的文獻數目越加增多、發表最多類別的文章為實證研究型。三 部份學者專門研究肯納症及亞斯柏格症,在這個研究領域里發表了較多的文章。四、部份期刊在肯納症從亞斯柏格症這個研究領域里刊登了較多的文章。從國內與關外發表的文章中,我們也發現到些異同,也提出一些未來可再加強的研究方向。希望本篇研究結果可提供在此領域發展的研究學者且有興趣此議題的人士參考。
In this study, the authors begin the effort to collect, categorize and analyze the literature regarding Kanner's syndrome (KS) and Asperger syndrome (ASD) in international and national journals from 1991 to 2008. The authors identify trends and lacunae for future research. The authors describe the parameters and keywords of their initial inquiry in "Pro-quest"- an international academic database and National Special Education (SED) Information Network database and present their findings. The total of 375 articles were analyzed. The results reveal that: (I) research studies and numbers of articles reqarding KS and ASD are increasing; (2) the majority of the articles were found empirical studies; (3) authors produced larger numbers of KS and ASD articles; and (4) comparative amount of KS and ASD literature were published in journals. Similar and different findings in international and national articles were found. Finally, this study offers a snapshot of the field of KS and ASD and raises questions for future research
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