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Title: 從個別差異、課程調整與區分性教學的理念談新修訂特殊教育課程綱要的設計與實施
Other Titles: The Connections of Individual Differences, Curriculum Adaptations, and Differentiated Instructions with the Newly Revised Curriculum Guidelines for Students with Special Needs
Authors: 盧台華
Tai-Hwa Emily Lu
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本文概要說明新修訂完成之「高級中等以下學校特殊教育課程大網總綱」的緣由、理論依據與相關配套措施的內容,以作為試行與全面實施之參考依據。先從個別間與個別內在差異觀點設特殊教育課程規劃與個別化教育計畫的關係,以及其與課程調聲與區分性教學概念之關連;再就上述理念與新課程大網設計之一致性與新課鋼的相關重點提出說明:最後則從新課綱未來實施可能面臨之困難與問題提出因應措施,並說明新課程能解決與克服目前特殊教育課程與教學之相關問題,俾讀實施所涉及之地方政府、相關學校的行政與教學人員均能對新課綱之內容與實施有所瞭解與信心,以達至「帶好每位學生」的教改目標與宜導新課綱的功能。
This article aimed to disseminate the theory base and main contents of the newly revised curriculum guidelines for the students with special needs from elementary to senior high level. Firstly,the author mentioned the relationships of both inter-and intra-individual differences with curriculum guidelines and differentiated instructions. Then the connections between three curriculum guidelines with the above concepts and the main contents of these curriculum guidelines were briefly stated. Finally, some difficulties or problems might be occurred and strategies and provisions need to overcome them were included for future implementations. The author anticipated this article could let both administrators and teachers understand and be confident to implement them in the future to reach the goal of taking good care of every student
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