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Title: 哀傷諮商理論在特殊兒童家長心理諮商上的應用
Other Titles: Theory of Grief Counseling Applying in Counseling Practices for Parents of Children with Disabilities
Authors: 張英熙
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 特殊兒童家長因孩子的身心障礙而經驗多層面的失落,並引發哀傷反應。正常的哀傷反應將導向接納;不當的哀傷反應將阻礙父母接納孩子障礙的事實,造成破壞性的影響。哀傷諮商在催化經驗失落者接納失落的事實重建新生活。哀傷諮商包含四項任務,分別是(1)協助當事人增加失落的現實感;(2)協助當事人處理已表達的或潛在的情感;(3)協助當事人克服失落後,再適應過程中的障礙;(4)鼓勵當事人對自己的處境發展新的意義與觀點,並建立新的人際關係。本文依此架構,對特殊兒童家長的適應歷程,提出相對應的諮商方法與策略,試圖勾勒出特殊見童家長心理諮商的藍圖,作為相關專業工作者的參考。
The author revealed first the problems faced by parents of children with disabilities, and then raised coping strategies to help parents adjust to their grief through the following process: 1) helping parents facing the reality of loss; 2) helping clients process the expressed or hidden feelings; 3) helping clients conquer the readjust handicaps; and 4) encouraging clients rearranging new lives.
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