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Title: UCDRS and the Trend of Collaborated Real-Time Digital Reference Services in China
Other Titles: 聯合參考服務、文獻傳遞與中國即時數位參考服務的發展趨勢
Authors: Wang, Hanrong
Xie, Zhaohui
Knight ,Carley
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 電腦和網路技術的發展,提供圖書館在滿足顧客需求時的另一種服務之道。除了傳統的參考服務,線上數位參考服務也越來越受到重視。作為線上數位參考服務形式 之一的“即時數位參考服務”,實現讀者與圖書管理員之間的同步溝通。中國從21 世紀初開始使用即時數位參考服務,「聯合數位參考服務與文獻傳遞服務(UCDRS)」是中國目前使用率最高的即時數位參考服務。本文針對「聯合數位參考服 務與文獻傳遞服務(UCDRS)」的系統工作流程、使用者和參考館員的經驗與文件傳遞進行了詳細介紹和探討。作者認為「聯合數位參考服務與文獻傳遞服務 (UCDRS)」為目前中國圖書館在參考服務的模範,同時它也代表了中國圖書館參考服務未來的發展趨勢。
The development of computer and Internet technologies provides an alternative way for libraries to better serve their patrons. In addition to traditional reference service, online digital reference is becoming more predominant. Real-time digital reference, another form of online digital reference, allows synchronous communication between patrons and librarians. This reference service was developed in China at the beginning of the 21st century. United Combined Digital Reference Service (UCDRS) is currently one of the most visited real-time digital reference services in China. Detailed information on the system work flow, the user and the reference librarian experience, as well as document delivery is discussed in this paper. The authors conclude that UCDRS system of China is a firm and solid example of the trend that is becoming the norm for library reference services in China.
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