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Title: 數位典藏網站評估─以網路連結與網站紀錄分析
Other Titles: Web Link and Transaction Log Analyses of Digital Archive Websites
Authors: 黃慕萱
Mu-Hsuan Huang, Huei-Ru Dong, Chun-Chieh Wang
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 本文針對數位典藏的計畫入口網站「拓展臺灣數位典藏」及計畫成果網站「數位島嶼」兩網站進行評估,以網路計量中網路連結分析及網站紀錄分析方法,比較其在計畫初始的2008 年7~12 月及計畫將結束的2012 年1~6 月之表現差異。研究結果發現兩網站總網頁數分別成長2.9 倍及13.1 倍,表示網站內容豐富度增加;造訪者來源集中於臺灣及中國,此由於網站內容以中文為主,因此吸引使用中文的國家使用者。兩網站之停留時間及瀏覽頁數均偏低,大多集中在10 秒內或僅瀏覽1 頁,而代表影響力的網路影響係數未超過1.0,以及代表網站維護品質的失效連結數過高,此為兩網站可以改善的空間。
This study uses web link analysis and transaction log analysis of webometrics to compare the web performances of Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project and Exhibition of Cyber Island, Taiwan (ECIT) during the period of July to December in 2008 and the period of January to June in 2012. The result shows that the numbers of pages viewed in two websites have increased 2.9 times and 13.1 times respectively, showing the influence of improved content. The visitors are centralized in Taiwan and China, as the website content is primarily Chinese. The average visit duration is less than 10 seconds and the number of pages viewed by most visitors is one page, showing that the two websites can be improved by highering web impact factor (WIF) and lowering the possible failure of maintainability.
Other Identifiers: E8893122-0484-8027-DC78-01967042FE25
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