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Title: 數位環境的著作權法制思考
Other Titles: Rethinking Copyright Law System in Digital Environment
Authors: 賴文智
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 本文研究議題為著作權法制面對數位環境衝擊之制度調整思考。本文首先說明數位與網路科技不僅為當代社會著作利用帶來相當多的變化,也使著作權制度面臨諸多 困難議題。藉由對著作權法制發展史與著作權法第1條規定的檢視,本文提出「促進著作流通利用」乃達致著作權法各項立法目的之共同且最主要之途徑(方法), 並嘗試在此脈絡下,檢視合理使用、公開傳輸權、權利管理電子資訊、防盜拷措施的保護及著作權仲介團體條例等制度設計。最終重申並闡釋「促進著作流通利用」 乃是用以檢視著作權制度是否合於當代社會需求之關鍵。
At first, this paper raises the question on the impacts of Copyright System in digital environment. From reviewing history of Copyright System and Article 1 of Copyright Act, this paper holds that encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work is main purpose of Copyright Act. This paper describes that facing digital and network technologies, the use of copyrighted work in our society has several changes. These changes, from the point of view that the main purpose of Copyright System is encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work, make Copyright System facing several difficult issues. Finally, this paper examines several issues of Copyright System, such as, fair use, right of public transmission, electronic rights management information, protection of technological protection measures and Copyright Intermediary Organization Act. Encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work is always the key of examining whether the Copyright System fit the need of current society.
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