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Title: 文化紀錄片工作者之資訊行為研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Information Behavior of Cultural Documentary Film Workers
Authors: 楊婷雅
Ting-Ya Yang
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討文化紀錄片工作者之資訊行為,以十一位文化紀錄片工作者為研究對象,研究目的包括:探討文化紀錄片工作者之工作任務;分析文化紀錄片工作者 之資訊需求;歸納文化紀錄片工作者之資訊型態與資訊來源;分析文化紀錄片工作者之資訊使用;最後並歸納文化紀錄片工作者之資訊行為互動模式。本研究採用質 性研究方法,首先運用文獻分析法,分析資訊行為相關理論,人文與藝術領域使用者資訊行為相關研究,以及本土人文與藝術領域使用者資訊行為研究,以求深入瞭 解現存相關理論與研究,建立本研究之研究方向與研究價值。接著,採用半結構式深度訪談法,訪問十一位文化紀錄片工作者,並將訪談內容製成聽寫稿,運用內容 分析法進行編碼與資料分析,探討文化紀錄片工作者之工作任務、資訊需求、資訊型態與資訊來源、資訊使用等面向,並歸納出其資訊行為歷程,可分為:探索、形 成、行動、完成等四階段;以及文化紀錄片工作者所面臨之資訊困境與矛盾。最後研究結果歸納為以下八點:(一)文化紀錄片工作者之工作任務會影響其資訊行 為;(二)文化紀錄片工作者之資訊需求乃持續變動之綜合心理狀態;(三)文化紀錄片工作者之資訊型態與資訊來源多樣化;(四)資訊使用以實際接觸與感受為 主;(五)網際網路已成為蒐集資訊與人際溝通的重要工具;(六)文化紀錄片工作者經常隨意式搜尋資訊。但與瀏覽行為不同者,在於隨意式蒐集資訊並不受限於 時、地;(七)文化紀錄片工作者之資訊行為呈現個別差異;(八)建構、溝通、傳遞與回饋,是架構出真實世界、文化紀錄片工作者與紀錄片觀眾間資訊流通、互 動模式的四要素,本文最後並嘗試建立此一資訊互動模式。
This study aims to explore the information behavior of cultural documentary film workers. The objective of the study is to investigate the work tasks of cultural documentary film workers, the information types and sources adopted by them and their information use behavior. At the end, the study presents a pattern of information behavior and information interaction of the cultural documentary film worker with the real world and the film audiences. Document analysis is applied in the study in order to obtain an overview of the information behavior theories, the related studies on foreign and local humanity and art users, to settle the foundation for this research at the first place. Following a semi-constructed in-depth interview is conducted with selected cultural documentary film workers for data collection. Based on the analysis on the data collected, the study distinguishes four aspects which influence and compose the information behavior of cultural documentary film workers: work tasks, information needs, information types and sources, information use; and four stages in the information behavior course: exploration, formation, action and accomplishment, as well as the difficulties and contradictions which cultural documentary film workers are facing right at the moment. According to the findings, the research reveals the following facts on the information behavior of cultural documentary film workers : (1) Work tasks do effect the information behavior of cultural documentary film workers; (2) The information needs of cultural documentary film workers are a complex of mental status which changes continually; (3) The information types and sources adopted by cultural documentary film workers are various; (4) Cultural documentary film workers prefer to experience information personally in terms of information use ; (5) Internet has become an important tool for information seeking and interpersonal communication; (6) Cultural documentary film workers often browse info
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