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Title: Metadata在數位博物館之發展與分析
Other Titles: Metadata for Museum Information: Development and Analysis
Authors: 陳亞寧
Ya-Ning Chen
Shu-Jiun Chen
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 本文旨在針對數位博物館Metadata進行探討,共採取了文獻探討、比較分析與個案研究三種研究方法,分別就數位博物館計畫Metadata相關名詞暨標準的發展與應用現況進行研議、標準對照與分析,以及國家典藏數位計晝的個案研究。本研究發現:(l) 數位博物館計童Metadata發展的理念與重心各有不同,但實際應用上存有互補性;(2) 會有相對應的相關Metadata格式、詞彙典、資訊模式為輔,讓Metadata的應用更臻於完善;(3) Metadata提供的資源描述類目在詳簡程度與深度結構上具有相當大的差異,實際應用時可視需求而有所選擇。此外,以國家典藏數位計劃為個案研究,也提出四項研究發現:(1) 數位典藏品metadata面臨的環境與挑戰;(2) 建立metadata生命週期作業模式;(3) 發展metadata內涵分析的方法論;(4) 建構metadata互通層次架構。最後,本文針對metadata的採用標準、特質、面向、層次、品質保證與不同metadata間關係等六大議題提出建議。
This paper aims to take a serious study on related Metadata standards and issues of the digital museum projects by deploying three research methodologies: literature review, comparative study, and case study. This paper is composed by four parts as follows: related terminologies and coverage, typology of current Metadata development, research finding based on a comparison of four standards, and a case study of the Digital Archives Project in Taiwan. This paper raises three findings: (1) A variety of Metadata standards are developed for different purposes, and complementary to each other; (2) In order to achieve functionality optimization of Metadata, related standards are designed as dependent mechanisms, like union list, thesaurus, data model; (3) In terms of comprehensiveness and structure, disparity exists amongst a wide of Metadata standards. In practice this substantial customized phenomenon is reasonable for implementation of each digital museum project. This paper also presents four findings for a case study as follows: (1) challenging issues of Metadata implementation in digital museum project: (2) constructing a Metadata lifecycle model, (3) developing content analysis methodology; (4) building up the Metadata interoperability levels. Finally, this paper addresses four issues and suggestions as conclusion: adoption of Metadata standards, characteristics, facets, levels, quality assurance, and relationships of Metadata.
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