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Title: 資訊素養與教學
Other Titles: Introduction to Virtual Physics Teaching Web Site
Authors: 黃福坤
Fu-Kwun Hwang
Issue Date: Oct-1999
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 資訊的成長與擴散度是科技與文明發展的表徵與推動力。以硬體為主「船堅砲利 」式的時代逐步走入歷史中,即將上臺的是一個以軟體為核心的資訊新世紀。在資訊爆炸性 成長的環境下,如何擷取適當的資訊並與外界傳達、分享與溝通的能力是生活於現代社會所 需培育的基本資訊素養。現代的孩童在多元資訊的複雜環境中成長,著重「知識傳授」而忽 略資訊素養培育的學校教學與家庭及社會教育,使得學習者對良莠不齊的資訊照單全收。負 荷不良的過度吸收不僅造成學習的迷失,也造就了更多混亂不安的社會亂象。倡導學習的同 時,更需著重所學習資訊內涵的選取與過濾。 教學不應侷限於教師具備良好的資訊溝通能力,將本身的知識傳授給學習者,也要培養學習 者選取適當與有效資訊的能力。師資的培育過程中,除基本學識能力的養成、資訊溝通能力 的訓練,更需孕育資源分享的理念。教師間若能相互分享教學經驗與教學內容,則能促進教 師本身的自我學習與成長,才是推動「終身學習」的良好示範。對學習者而言,網路開拓了 較不受時空限制更寬廣的學習環境。但是也需要學習者更主動的參與並調適發展不同於傳統 的學習模式,才能達成有效率的學習。理想的網路學習環境除了提升學習興趣外,應能引導 學習者發展有效率的學習策略以達到實質的學習成效。本文將以「物理教學示範實驗教室」 網站建構的實例,分享如何運用網路科技的發展,形成有效率的輔助教學工具,達到資訊交 流與資源共享的實踐。
The information super highway is there to help teacher's teaching and student's learning. Effective use of network resource require educator to organize and build a better learning network. This paper will provide how a virtual physics learning site were established, our goal and functions provided by the system. There are more than 30 mirror sites around the world. We provide an environment for student to play with java animation and form their physics concept while playing with it, a Q&A communication bulletin board to help students find out the answer by themselves and solve their own problems in physics, and articles like "everyday physics", "physics is fun" provide activities for students to try, play and learn. We encourage more teachers to join our work and let students learn that physics is fun and easy when presented with enjoyable learn environments.
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