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Title: 永樂大典數位化相關問題之探討
Other Titles: Exploration of the Relating Problems in Digitization of Yung Lo Encyclopaedia:the Impact of Information Technology to the Chinese Ancient Books
Authors: 顧力仁
Li-Jen Ku
Issue Date: Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 《永樂大典》,將「書契以來經史子集百家之書,至於天文、地志、陰陽、醫卜、僧道、技藝之言,備輯為一書。」書凡22,937卷,共11,095冊。《永樂大典》之纂修係依據明文淵閣藏書,其中蘊含五代、十國、宋、遼、金、元諸朝累藏典籍,所以引用許多奧籍秘典,《四庫全書》即稱「元以前佚文秘典,世所不傳者,轉賴其全部、全篇收入。」故《永樂大典》對於後世具有輯佚、校讎等多方面的價值及影響。 由於資訊數位化及網路技術的演進,促使數位圖書館的興起,也由於社會大眾對文化及歷史資產的重視,圖書館珍藏的歷史文獻遂成為數位化的重要對象。隨著資訊科技對圖書館作業型態的影響,古籍的整理也起了相當大的變化,數位圖書館利用資訊科技整理古籍的方式包括建立影像資料庫、全文資料庫及書目資料庫。 本文就《永樂大典》進行數位化所牽涉到的相關問題作一探討,兼論資訊科技對古籍整理的影響,首牨介紹資訊科技對古籍整理的現況及其影響,其次再就影像資料庫、全文資料庫及目資料庫的建立探討《永樂大典》的內容與數位化的方式,最後說明《永樂大典》數位化的意義及效益。
Yung Lo Encyclopaedia is a collection all classical, historical, philosophical, and literary works that ever published; covering subjects like astronomy, geography, sciences, medicine, Buddhism, Taoism, and arts. It was mainly compilation of extracts that includes many complete works which had been lost for years. This paper explores the relating problems in digitization of Yung Lo Encyclopaedia. The author first introduces several database systems of the Chinese ancient books for example to discuss the impact of information technology to the Chinese ancient books. Then he analyzes the problems encountered in this process. In conclusion, possible future developments and benefits in digitization of Yung Lo encyclopaedia are to be discussed further.
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