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Title: 以凱利方格法探索書後索引編制行為
Other Titles: An Exploration of Back-of-the-book Indexing Behavior with Repertory Grid Technique
Authors: 陳啟亮
Issue Date: Oct-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 在資訊行為研究中,如何能設計出一種兼具效度且信度的研究方法,使研究者能了解人類心智活動與歷程方法,一直是研究者關心的主要議題。在本文作者進行書後索引編製行為研究的過程中,發現了一些傳統資訊行為研究法的困難處。本文作者採用了在教育與臨床心理學發展出的凱利方格法(Repertory Grid Technique),藉以引出索引編製者的心智構面(Mental Constructs)以及心智策略。本文詳述此一研究方法之設計與操作過程,以提供相關資訊行為研究參考。
The validity and credibility of research design always the critical issue for information behavior researchers. It's a more critical issue for information scientists when they inquire human mental process and activities in society context. The author figured out the problems in the back-of-the-book indexing behavior research. He adapted George Kelly's Repertory Grid Technique to elicit the indexer's mental constructs and strategies. In this article, the author describes the process of research designing, conducting and analyzing.
Other Identifiers: C9E192FA-845D-A59E-327C-DD3BD12D7BA4
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