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Title: 「資訊社會」之知識地圖建構
Other Titles: Building a Knowledge Map on the Subject of Information Society
Authors: 蔡明月
Ming-Yueh Tsay
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在應用共被引分析法與社會網絡分析法,以1962 年至2010 年的資訊社會代表文獻為研究對象,進行文獻間的學科領域相關性分析,以瞭解資訊社會研究所涵蓋的學科領域、文獻之間的集群性及歷年研究趨勢。本研究以1962年至2010年的資訊社會代表文獻為研究範圍,研究資料取自Webster 於2005 年與2006 年所撰寫的《Theories of InformationSociety》與《The Information Society Reader》二本著作,經整合後得出89 篇代表文獻作為本研究之研究樣本;其次,再以WOS 資料庫對此89 篇代表文獻進行共被引次數檢索,製成共被引矩陣,除了瞭解代表文獻間的共被引強度外,並以SPSS 軟體進行相關係數分析與集群分析,此外,利用UCINET 軟體計算出文獻中心性,及將文獻間的關係繪製成多維尺度圖與社會網絡圖;最後,透過研究年代的區隔,計算不同時段共被引情形的變化,以觀察資訊社會領域發展趨勢。本研究結果歸納如下:1.資訊社會代表文獻共被引次數普遍偏低;2.資訊社會領域可分為社會學、地理學及資訊科學與圖書館學子群;3.資訊社會知識地圖之演變;4.資訊社會共被引次數衰退。
The purpose of this study is to find out what disciplines were covered by Information Society.By co-citation analysis and social network analysis, this study highlighted the major disciplines in the Information Society field,identified the main literature and their relationships, and analyzed the development of the field. This research took representative Information Society literature from 1962 to 2010 as research scope. Firstly, by Bibliometrics,the total of 89 representative literatures of Information Society was extracted from “TheInformation Society Reader” and “Theories of Information Society” written by Frank Websterin 2005 and 2006 respectively. Secondly, the co-citation frequencies between 89 literatures was investigated through Web of Science and thus a co-citation matrix was built to reveal the co-citation strength of literature. Co-relation and cluster analysis between literature were also explored by SPSS software. In addition,this study used UCINET software to analyze centrality and plot knowledge map on the discipline of Information Society. The major findings are as follows: 1.Co-citation frequencies of Information Society literature are low;2.Sociology, Geography and Information Science are main disciplines in Information Society field; 3.Development of knowledge map of Information Society; 4.Co-citation frequencies of Information Society literature have been declining in recent years.
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