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Title: 自助旅遊者資訊尋求與資訊使用行為之探討
Other Titles: A Study of the Information Needs and the Information Use of the Backpackers
Authors: 蘇慧捷
Hui-Chieh Su
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 相較於國 內以往資訊使用者行為的探討而言,本研究選定一切行程需自理的自助旅遊皷為九對象,透過對有一次以上自助旅遊經驗的旅遊者進行訪談,以進行資料的蒐集。 透過自助旅遊者的經驗,可以瞭解到自助旅遊皷在規劃行程時會找尋書籍、旅遊雜誌、旅遊網站、BBS等共九種資訊的協助,而其資訊行為也確實可分為旅途前、旅途中與旅途後三階段,在每個階段皆有不同的資訊需求、資訊搜尋行為與資訊使用行為的出現,由此可見自助旅遊者與資訊有著密切的關係。研究結果並歸納出自助旅遊者之資訊行為特徵有使用資料種類多樣化且交叉使用、資料來源管道多元化、不同資料類型有明確的不同用途、人際關係具有重要性、展現持續性的資訊搜尋行為等六點。
As compared with other research in Taiwan, the purpose of the study is to investigate the information experience of the backpackers. Data are collected from thirty backpackers by face-to-face interviews. The study reveals that: 1. the backpackers use many kinds of information every journey 2. the backpackers get information through multi sources 3. each of information has different use 4. relationship is very important 5. the information seeking behavior of the backpackers is continued
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