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Title: 典藏數位化資訊環境之探討
Other Titles: On Creation and Management of Digital Libraries: System Environment, Human-Computer Interface and Reseach Issues
Authors: 何建明
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 資訊科技發展突飛猛進,尤其是其中的媒體數位化與壓縮技術,以及網路傳輸與網際網路技術等,促使資訊的數位化、典藏、傳播比以往更加便利。然而,儘管我國資訊工業總產值高居世界第三名,社會資訊化程度卻落在第十名以外。政府以往的資訊科技政策,長期側重於出口導向的產業,卻較少著重於引導社會內部需求。典藏數位化的工作除了學術研究價值之外,未來尚可配合政府資訊自由化的趨勢,促進政府決策資訊之透明化。由於充實資訊內容的工作是資訊社會的基礎建設,典藏數位化對於引導社會資訊化有正面且真影響力的意義。典藏數位化環境,指的是一個由一般使用者、進階使用者、研究者、內容提供者、數位化工作人員、資訊技術人員等以人為中心的資訊生產、傳播與應用環境。本文擬探討如何建置這個數位化環境以及相關的技術問題,並初步從使用者的使用、搜尋、與組織知識等需求當中,探討如何擴充典藏數位化的基本需求。我們除了建立內容管理程序所需要的各式輔助工具,並且試圖建立從後端製作到前端呈現的整合一貫性自動化作業程序,協助提高數位化流程的效率,進而保證資料的一致性以及互通性。
With rapid progress in information technologies, records of human activities are being digitalized and archived at unprecedented speed and accuracy. The creation and management of high-performance, user-friendly mass digital archives not only presents many challenging research and engineering issues, but the digital content or collections in the digital archives themselves also serve as the foundation of a genuine "information society". We consider the digital library that we build in Academia Sinica as a human- and content-centered system with participants including general users, researchers, content providers, content digitalization specialists, and system engineers. In building the Academia Sinica Digital Library we not only obtain various supporting tools for content management, but also establish a unified process for content creation, storage and presentation, which helps ascertain consistency and interoperability of the content in the digital library. In this article we touch on some issues related to the construction, usage and maintenance of a digital library aimed to contain a diverse range of collections of digital objects putting together by information content providers of various disciplines, and be ubiquitously accessible via the Internet.
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