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Title: 臺灣文學翻譯作品中的偽譯本問題初探
Other Titles: On the Fake Translations of World Literature in Taiwan
Authors: 賴慈芸
Tzu-Yun Lai
Issue Date: Oct-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 臺灣於戒嚴期間,由於禁止大陸譯者的譯作在臺發行,翻譯書目多有不正確之處。書目中「譯者不詳」和「編輯部」名義出版的譯作超過3000 筆,幾佔全部文學翻譯書目的四成;加上多家出版社又以假譯者名出版,以致於翻譯書目錯誤極多,至今並無可靠的翻譯文學書目可用。戒嚴期間,已經確定被冒名或匿名出版的大陸譯作超過200 種,姓名被塗改的譯者超過百人,假譯者名字也超過百人,涉及的出版社近百家。顯見抄襲並非少數作品或個案,而是普遍現象。尤其是1950 年代,幾乎所有的世界文學翻譯都是大陸譯本。雖然1970 年代以後臺灣譯者的作品漸增,但一直到2000 年,都還有繼續印行抄襲譯本的紀錄,書目也一直沒有校正。翻譯書目不實的問題已影響到兩岸相關領域的學術研究,亟需跨領域的合作以謀解決之道。
During the martial law period (1949-1987), it was illegal in Taiwan to publish translations by translators living in Mainland China. As a result, 40% of translated titles in Taiwan have translators who are claimed “unknown” or simply “editors’ department”. Compounding this confusing state of affairs is that many translators’ names are simply fabrications. Therefore, there is false information in all existing bibliographies of translated literature. Hundreds of translated titles published in China were reprinted in Taiwan under fabricated names or “unknown translators”. The names of over one hundred of China translators were altered without their knowledge. Those fake names used by publishers are also over one hundred. Researchers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China have been misled by those fake translations. Cross-disciplinary cooperation is required to address this complicated issue.
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