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Title: 以K-核心分析探索部落格社群之變遷
Other Titles: Applying K-core Analysis to Explore the Changes in the Blogosphere
Authors: 盧能彬
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 近年來部落格空間成長快速,在人們的數位生活中愈來愈不可或缺。為了瞭解部落格空間的社群互動,目前已有許多相關網絡分析的研究成果發表,不過關於臺灣地區部落格空間的網絡分析卻仍然缺乏,因此為了探討臺灣地區部落格空間的社群網絡,本研究從k-核心分析著手,以臺灣的「部落格觀察」網站,於2008年10月26日與2009年9月6日的排名資料為基準,分別選擇排行榜前一百名部落格為研究樣本。我們先分析這兩個樣本群集的部落格基本資料,比較它們特性上的差異,然後再蒐集2008年11月1日與2009年9月11日所有樣本部落格首頁上的朋友連結名單,據以篩選與繪製出樣本部落格之間的朋友網絡拓撲。最後,我們利用k-核心分析比對兩個時點的部落格社群變遷。分析結果發現出圖文與資訊科技兩大主要社群,其中圖文社群呈現出快速成長的趨勢,至於資訊科技社群則有些許疏離的現象。再與國外的部落格發展相較,我們則發現資訊科技社群同樣是熱門的趨勢;但圖文社群卻是臺灣地區部落格特有的發展。
In recent years, the blogosphere has been dramatically blooming and becoming more and more indispensable in our digital lives. Nowadays, there have been many published researches that used network analysis to investigate the communities in the blogos-phere; however, the analysis of Taiwan blo-gosphere is still unavailable. Therefore, in this research, we investigated the social network of Taiwan blogosphere via k-core analysis. Based on the rank lists maintained by the Taiwan website “Blog Look” (look.urs. tw), we took the top 100 blogs, on 26 October 2008 and 6 September 2009 respectively, as two clusters of our research sample. First, we analyzed the basic statistical characteristics of the two sample clusters, and compared the differences between them. Then, we collected all the blogrolls of the top 100 blogs on 1 November 2008 and 11 September 2009, respectively. Then, we sifted and figured out the network topology from all the blogrolls within our sampled blogs. Upon the blogroll network topology, we applied k-core analysis to explore the changes in the blogosphere. Via the analysis, we found two major com-munities of blogs: picture article and information technology. And, we found that the community of picture article was rapidly expanding upwards while the community of information technology was a little shrinking downwards. Finally, compared to the blo-gosphere around the world, we found that the community of information technology fits the trend around the world, but the community of picture article is a special development of Taiwan blogosphere.
Other Identifiers: 7C91D9A7-C007-12D2-AC8E-4F9BBD212C0C
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