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Title: 數位學習標準與SCORM的發展
Other Titles: Learning Technology Standards and SCORM
Authors: 徐文杰
Wen-Jye Hsu
Pe-Chieh Lin
Issue Date: Apr-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 數位學習標準使教師、學員、學習機構、電腦平臺廠商、出版商都可依循相同的平臺與內容規範,獲取共同的利益。數位學習標準的主要目的,在促進教學資源的可再用性(Reusability)、可即性(Accessibility)、耐久性(Durability)、可互通性(Interoperability)、彈性(Adaptability)、經濟性(Affordability)和可管理性(Manageability) 。目前廣為國內外E-Learning產業所認定的標準是ADL( Advanced Distributed Learning)組織所制定的SCORM(Sharable Content Object Reference Model,共享式內容元件參考模式),SCORM目前的版本整合了AICC的CMI規範與內容結構,IEEE的Meta-data Dictionary,IMS的Content Packaging與Meta-data XML Binding and Best Practice規範。將來數位學習標準在資訊技術、商業機制、內容製作三個面向上的發展,仍然值得我們觀察。
Common standards in learning technology will have a profound impact on the relationships among educators, learners, institutions, venders and publishers. Standards help to ensure Reusability、Accessibility、Durability、Interoperability、Adaptability、Affordability and Manageability will protect e-Learning investment. The SCORM of ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) provides a foundational reference model upon which anyone can develop models of learning content and delivery. It is widely accepted as a major specification for the development of interoperable content and systems. The SCORM is built upon the work of the AICC, IMS, IEEE, and others to create one unified ""reference model"" of interrelated technical specifications and guidelines designed to meet DoD's high-level requirements for Web-based learning content. The current SCORM is a collection of specifications, includes the "Content Structure" and" CMI (Computer-Managed Instruction) Specification" from AICC, "Meta-data Dictionary" from IEEE, "Content Packaging" and "Metadata XML Binding and Best Practice" from IMS. The future of LT standards would depend on the development of advanced information technology, business models and content creation.
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