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Title: 學科教授對圖書館服務之需求
Other Titles: Understanding Faculty Needs: A Case Study at the University of Toledo
Authors: Julia A. Martin
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 本文探討學科教授對圖書館的需求和使用。它對學科館員對提供專業學科服務的優勢和對圖書館服務所起的角色作用作了文獻探討,並概括了建立和院系教授聯繫的主要策略和使用問卷調查來瞭解他們的需求。本文包括2006-07年度對多麗都大學商學院、工程學院和教育學院教授的問卷調查,發現教授對資訊檢索和資訊處理的行為理念和使用圖書館的模式。問卷注重教授研究興趣和資訊搜尋策略與圖書館服務的關係,從而使學科館員更充分瞭解他們學術研究的需求。
The paper explores how faculty need and use the library. It reviewed literature on the roles of subject librarians and the advantages for faculty and libraries. It summarized key strategies for subject liaison librarians to develop relationships with faculty and the use of surveys to explore faculty needs. The paper also included a survey administered to the business, engineering, and education faculty at The University of Toledo in 2006-07 to help subject librarians better understand their clients. The University of Toledo survey focused on faculty perception of library collection development and library services, and examined faculty's research needs and their patterns of using library resources and services.
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