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Title: 臺灣地區的世界文學翻譯作品
Other Titles: A Study of World Translated Literature in Taiwan : A Bibliometric Approach
Authors: 蔡明月 董蕙茹
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 翻譯是一個通過語言代碼或文字符號的轉換來傳遞訊息的過程。文學翻譯是一種藝術,涉及兩個民族的審美觀點和意識。探討臺灣近代翻譯文學可認識近代中西文化 交流的結果,進而瞭解其對臺灣文學、文化與社會的影響。本研究採用書目計量學研究方法,旨在探討1950至2008 年間,臺灣地區世界文學作品翻譯成中文作品的概況,透過全國圖書書目資訊網(NBINet)蒐集書目資料,進一步觀察不同地區與國家的作品被翻譯成中文的 情形,接著再以「書目單位」、「包含重印本」、「不含重印本及新版」三種計算方式,進行洛卡定律、普萊斯平方根定律及80/20 定律等三大學術生產力定律,加以驗證翻譯文學作者與翻譯者之生產力分布,以作為未來相關研究參考之用。研究結果歸納如下:一、臺灣地區世界文學翻譯作品概 況為:(1)翻譯文學的作品國別集中在英、美,其次為法、德、俄;(2)歷年來翻譯文學作品呈現穩定成長;(3)翻譯文學出版量集中在21 所出版社;(4)被翻譯最多的文學作品、作者、與最多產的翻譯者皆集中在英國、美國、法國、德國及俄國;(5)翻譯文學各分區分佈情形大不相同。二、世界 文學翻譯作品生產力定律驗證情形為:(1)被翻譯作者生產力及翻譯者生產力與洛卡定律均不相符;(2)書目單位計算的低生產力作者比例與洛卡定律最為相 近;(3)不含重印本計算的低生產力翻譯者與洛卡定律最為相近;(4)翻譯文學作者與翻譯者的生產力與普萊斯平方根定律驗證及80/20 定律驗證均不相符。
Translation is a process to communication by languages or signs. Literature translation is an art, which shows the appreciation of the beauty and sense for two different nationalities. The modern literature translation is not only the result of cultural exchange but also the way for cultural exchange. The main purpose of this study is to explore the world translated literature in Taiwan from 1950 to 2008 based on the theoretical perspectives of the bibliometrics. Three ways are used to compile statistics, including “bibliographic units”, “copies”, and “works”. The productivity distribution of authors and translators for translated works in Taiwan are examined by the Lotka, Price and 80/20 Laws. A total of 32159 bibliographic records are retrieved from the NBINet (National Bibliographic Information Network) databases. The results of this study about world translated literature in Taiwan are as follows: (1) The original translated literatures are mostly concentrated in England, USA, France, German, and Russia. (2) The overall growth of the world translated literature in Taiwan is in a vigorously up-growing trend. (3) The publishing of the world translated literature in Taiwan is concentrated in 21 publishers. (4) Most translated literatures, authors, and translators are mainly concentrated in England, USA, France, German, and Russia. (5) The distribution in every country is not the same. Furthermore, the examinations of world translated literature in Taiwan are: (1) The author and translator distribution of this study does not confirm with the Lotka’s law. (2) The percentage of low production authors counted by bibliographic units is similar to Lotka’s Law. (3) The percentage of low production translators counted by works is similar to Lotka’s Law. (4) Price’s Square Root Law and 80/20 Law are found inapplicable to the distribution of authors’ and translators’ productivity.
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