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Title: 人文、社會科學類圖書館、博物館之電子計算機所使用漢字問題
Other Titles: Chinese Characters on Computers used for Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Libraries and Museums--Chinese Characters Codeset and Its Relevant Problems on the Unicode Standard
Authors: 李柏如  
Issue Date: Apr-2000
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 中國以及漢字文化圈所使用的漢字,隨著時代有其文字形狀變化,依地區有其獨自 創造性。為了電子型式儲存其文化記錄,從事人文、社會科學相關研究者、電子工程師…多 年研究漢字之內碼、文字形狀、涵蓋字數、文字系統…等問題。雖然受注目之Unicode以統 合漢字字體(script)、字形(glyph)之方法,及其單純化漢字符號、企圖實現在一個平臺上能涵 蓋各種語言、各國漢字,而引漢字學上之字體、字形概念或觀點問題之爭論,也引起尚未標 準化之漢字系統上的字數及字數以及多種漢字處理在應用軟體上等問題。本篇論文提出爭論 之問題,說明從事中國人文、社會科學者所需要的漢字系統及目前Unicode或多國、多種語 言系統的若干問題。
Chinese characters have been used in China and in Chinese character culture areas for centuries, and their glyphs and scripts have changed through the history, and their ideographs were newly created as those areas needed. In order to develop digital database for recording their written cultures, students who engage in Humanities and Social Sciences, and engineers who develop effective and efficient communication systems, are trying to do research on code, script, glyph, character set, and the tool for computers and languages approach in various ways. Even though the Unicode needs to retain control code for the purpose of holding every language to create a world-wide character encoding standard, the unification of Chinese / Japanese / Korean character sets still bring to the Chinese character problems on script and glyph. This paper is trying to provide such the problems of the Unicode with explaining partial characteristics of Chinese characters in digital world as a future recording tool.
Other Identifiers: 56F222EC-B62B-30EA-E776-C7C1B0C16C4F
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