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Title: 知識管理導向教學系統之研究
Other Titles: The Knowledge Management Based E-course
Authors: 張棱衡
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊研究所
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies
Abstract: 二十一世紀是知識的時代,知識在這個世紀將會更重要。貧苦的人因擁有知識而改變人生;富者因擁有知識而更加富貴,國家、社會亦然。有鑑於此,許多國家都開始注重知識管理的工作,學者也大力投入研究,大家與時間競賽,期盼搶得先機,能為人民帶來康樂的生活。本研究以知識傳授為主,結合知識管理、線上學習及遠距教學等理論,規劃並開發一套知識管理導向的教學機制與平臺,做為教學輔助工具。本研究可幫助老師規劃教學過程,存放教學資料;幫助學生線上學習、發問問題、線交作業,並記錄學習過程,累積課程的授課資料,成為完整的知識庫,可為未來線上學習與遠距教學,奠定良好的基礎。本研究之架構分成兩部份進行,第一部份是知識管理機制的建立。首先,我們要搜集知識管理相關文獻,找出可應用之相關理論,再將其精要和現行教育可改良之處相評比,規劃出一套可行之機制。第二部份是採用資訊系統設計規劃時學用的方法—雛型法(Prototyping),開發一個知識管理導向的教學輔助系統,來驗證本研究之可行性。因本研究之教學機制與平臺,累積了大部分學科的教學資料,成為完整的教育知識庫,教育單位不需龐大的經費,只要各級學校配合政策進行,就可透過各種網路,開放小學生與社會大眾學習,達到「有教無類」的教育最高境界。
The concept of knowledge management becomes popular either in enterprise or educational popular either in enterprise or educational research within the recent years. The essential reason is that the knowledge will enhance people’s power and authority. No matter people are rich or poor, holding the knowledge can help them to master their world. We believe that the job of knowledge management shouldn’t be emphasized just period of time it should be a whole life job! In the research, we plan to apply the concept of knowledge management together with on-line learning and remote study in the education field. We try to foster the concept of knowledge management on the school stage an expect students to dedicate the concept in their future job. This research will set a knowledge management based e-course platform which can help teachers to prepare their course via the system and students to keep their studying process on the record. Meanwhile, to share their knowledge with all other people via Internet is also the key issue of the study. Fully utilize the idea and technology of the research can help our government to enhance and expand the education to everybody without any extra expense. All of us can share the knowledge and enjoy the on-line learning from the e-course that was built by schools or teachers.
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