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Title: 依然對猿鶴,無愧北山移?
Other Titles: Literary Reception of Kong Zhigui’s “North Mountain Proclamation” (“Beishan yi wen”)
Authors: 鍾志偉
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 六朝乃駢文全盛時期,孔稚珪〈北山移文〉是其代表。此文之所以為歷代傳誦,其因有二:一是文學技巧的精工,為後來詩文家所學習;其次為嘲諷假隱士的內容,具有深刻的批判精神。既見浪漫華美,富有想像力之風格,同時表現了現實意義。本文拋卻歷來對〈北山移文〉爭訟的外圍議題,開展另一角度,探討〈北山移文〉在歷代讀者傳誦的接受視域下,文人創作與批評的因革創變。本文首先檢索古代文人對「北山移」文題的直接摘用現象,並針對文人身分與批判面向提出討論;其次,從文辭技巧等形式表現,考察文人在創作對此文的接受偏好;最後,檢索歷代文人同題續作、仿作和變題之情形,凸顯〈北山移文〉在文人之間所形成的「北山移」現象,並確立〈北山移文〉在中國文學史上之定位。
The heyday of parallel prose(駢文)was in the Six Dynasties period, and Kong Zhigui's(孔稚珪) "North Mountain Proclamation"(〈北山移文〉)is a masterpiece. There are two reasons why this work of literature has been read widely throughout the ages: firstly, because of its elegant literary patterning, which provided a model for later literati, and secondly, because of its deep critical spirit in taunting fake hermits. Not only is the style romantic, magnificent and imaginative, the work also has real social meaning. In this paper, I avoid peripheral disputes and discuss the text from a different angle. Through the reception of this piece of writing, I discuss creative transformations in the re-creations and criticisms of this text by later literati. I begin by investigating the direct use of the topic of the "North Mountain Proclamation" by traditional literati, and discuss their works from the viewpoint of writer's identity and critical direction. I then discuss formal aspects such as literary technique, etc., and investigate the literati's acceptance of and partiality for this work in their own creative efforts. Finally, I focus on literati in past dynasties who wrote sequels, imitations and transformations, in order to highlight the "North Mountain Proclamation" phenomenon created by Kong Zhigui in the history of Chinese literature.
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