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Title: 唐初道士成玄英「重玄」的思維模式──以《老子義疏》為討論核心
Other Titles: The discussion on the thought of twofold mystery of Cheng Hsuan-Ying according to his commentary of Tao-Te Ching
Authors: 鄭燦山
Cheng, Tsan-shan
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文聚焦於道教「重玄」的課題,這個課題涉及六朝末隋唐之際「道教」內部逐漸興起的新思潮──重玄思想,而唐初道教一代宗師道士成玄英,可謂集其大成者。成玄英對於「重玄思想」,進行較為全面而且深刻的論述,特別是其專著《老子義疏》,此書便成為本文討論的重點。對於「重玄」的課題,學術界一般習慣從中國哲學史的角度思考、分析之,特別是直接從思考「魏晉玄學」議題的問題意識切入,而逕將「重玄思想」接續於「魏晉玄學」之後,並作為其遺裔。或者關注「重玄思想」與佛教思想的比較,尤其是中觀學派的理論,往往成為重要的參照系統。筆者本文將透過反省前人的研究立場入手,進而討論前輩學者的研究方法;在如此的基礎性討論之下,希望重新定義成玄英的「重玄」概念。定義的改變,也將聯動引起研究方法與步驟的改變,對於文獻材料的運用與解讀,自然也會朝不同方向發展。筆者認為,上述「中國哲學史」性質的研究進路,固然稱便,但是如果從方法論的後設角度作反省,卻似乎也忽略了所謂「歷史」面向的問題,亦即「思想史」的問題。其次,關於「中國哲學史」性質的研究進路,若從研究議題的廣度反省,則主要觸及「魏晉玄學」與「佛學」,反倒忽略了「道教」內部的歷史發展事實與相關問題。所以,筆者本文的研究方法,將加強從「思想史」與「道教」的面向考察剖釋「重玄思想」,也就是關注「道教」內部的「思想史」事實之發掘,側重「道教」的主體性來思考所謂的「重玄思想」,並進而貞定成玄英「重玄」的思維模式與特色。
The thought of twofold mystery(重玄) in Daoism is the main issue which this essay has focused on. And it is related to a new trend of thought which has been evolved interior Daoism among Six dynasties to Tang dynasty. The master priest Cheng Hsuan-Ying(成玄英) in early Tang dynasty has made a comprehensive account of twofold mystery(重玄) in his book “commentary of Tao-Te Ching"(《老子義疏》), which is the basis of this research.Regarding to the discussion of twofold mystery(重玄), it has been analyzed by the scholars from the perspective of the history of Chinese philosophy, and twofold mystery(重玄) has been regarded as a descendant of Wei-Jin Thought(魏晉玄學), directly followed the thought of Wei-Jin dynasties(魏晉). On the other hand, it occasionally plays a role of a comparison of Buddhism in academic research. We are going to review the previous studies and to further discuss the methodologies of analysis the former scholars used. In this sense, we hope to redefine the concept of twofold mystery (重玄)of Cheng Hsuan-Ying (成玄英). With the new definition, we are able to develop a new method for studying this issue. In the meantime, we can apply the text materials in different ways and lead it to a new interpretation.
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