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Title: 存心之學
Authors: 孫淑芳
Sun, Shu-fang
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 南宋真德秀編撰、明初程敏政附註的《心經附註》一書,對朱子心學有特別的彰揚。此書揭示堯舜相傳「十六字」心法,以「尊德性」為本,闡揚「天德」的修己觀;並指出「誠」「敬」的體用工夫通貫內外動靜,強調靜存動察、未發已發兼修的「致中和」修養目標。因此,「存心」之學即是《心經附註》的「聖學」宗旨。《心經附註》輸入韓國後,成為韓國儒教的重要經典,影響極為深遠。
The original author of Xinjingfuzhu is Zhen Dexiou in the dynasty of south Song, he is the remarkable scholar of philosophy on Zhu Zi. His work is highly regarded by Cheng Minzhengin early years of the dynasty of Ming, especially focused on the philosophy of ‘Mind’ of Zhu Zi.It refers to the discussion of Confucian self-cultivation. It considers that the morality ofhumanbeing is innate and can control himself by the being of ‘Mind’ .The classic emphasizes‘Cheng’ and ‘Jing’ and Zhuzi’s philosophical methodology of ‘Tiyong’. Therefore, the being of‘Mind’ that is the philosophy of ‘Sheng’ on Xinjingfuzhu. It is an important Confucian Classic for the history of Confucian thoughts in Korea.
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