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Title: 《清代詩文集彙編》之詞學價值
Other Titles: On the Academic Value of the Collection of Qing Poetry
Authors: 王偉勇
Wang, Wei-yung
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文係就2010 年甫問世之《清代詩文集彙編》800 冊,論述其詞學價值。主要分三部分探討:其一、詞集輯佚之價值,本文以《全清詞》之補輯為例,針對目前問世有關《全清詞》之總集、補編等,與《清代詩文集彙編》所載,以順治、康熙、雍正、乾隆四朝為界,逐一進行比對。發現此中計有48 家,2393 闋作品,係刊行總集、補編所未收,殊值詞學界留意。其二,批評資料補輯之價值,包括詞集序跋、論詞詩、論詞長短句、評點資料等。其三,校勘之價值,本文舉《清代詩文集彙編》所載王昶詞集序跋為例,與印行問世之同序跋交叉比對,發現此中文字頗有出入,殊值學者留意。
This research aims to commentate on the academic value of The Collection of Qing Poetry,which contains 800 volumes of poetry and was published in 2010. The thesis body consists ofthree parts. The first part compares the current collections and added editions of Quan Qin Ci with those included in The Collection of Qing Poetry. The timeline follows the chronologicalorder of Shun-zhi, Kang-xi, Young-cheng, and Qien-lung periods. The result shows there are 2393 ci poems and 48 poets short in the The Collection of Qing Poetry, which is noteworthy for further ci studies. The second part provides supplemental materials such as prefaces of ci collections, ci-comment poems, ci-comment changduanju and ci-poetry commentaries. Thethird part highlights the value of proofreading. By comparing two versions of the same article, it is found that there are certain differences. It is believed that with publication this research will advance the achievements of ci studies significantly.
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