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Title: 《春秋》筆法與桐城三祖方苞、劉大櫆、 姚鼐的古文創作
Other Titles: The Writing Techniques and the Writing of Ancient Prose by Three Fathers of Tongcheng School: Fang Bao, Liu Da- kui, and Yao Nai
Authors: 王基倫
Wang, Chi-lun
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以桐城三祖方苞、劉大櫆、姚鼐為討論中心。首先探討《春秋》所建構出來的古文寫作理論,與桐城派的古文寫作理論之關聯。比較之下,發覺桐城派的「義法說」是以儒家經典為效法對象,建構出修養品德、學習儒家經典的重要內容,才能真正培養出寫作的能力。因此,《春秋》筆法雖然很重要,但是桐城三祖的詮釋重點不是放在政治學的解讀,不是強調這本書的「微言大義」,而是強調這本書適當的剪裁寫作素材、簡約雅潔的敘述文字。接著討論桐城派的古文寫作理論究竟與他們的古文創作有什麼關係?我們發覺,方苞、劉大櫆、姚鼐等人的某些作品,的確有豐富的故事內容,運用言語對話、人物裝扮、舉止動作等方式,很傳神的寫出一個人的個性和他的行為舉止。這些描寫人物帶有傳記性質的文章,顯然是受到《春秋》筆法的寫作技巧的影響。
The paper is mainly to discuss the three fathers of Tongcheng School: Fang Bao, Liu Dakui,and Yao Nai. First it explains the writing theory of ancient prose constructed from Chun Qiu, explores the writing theories of Fang Bao, Liu Da-kui, and Yao Nai, and then discusses the relationship between the writing theories of ancient prose mentioned above and the ancient prose writings of Tongcheng School.We discover that the “Yi (meaning)-Fa (method, form, principle) theory” of Tongcheng School takes the classics of Confucianism as the model to construct the important contents of cultivating moral and learning the classics of Confucianism to discipline the true writing ability. As a result, the writing techniques of Chun Qiu are important, but the interpretation by Tongcheng School does not focus on the politics in Chun Qiu and the simple words but deep meaning. Instead, it focuses on the well-arranged writing material and concise statement-however,learning these writing techniques is not the first priority, instead, we should endeavor on it afterlearning the contents in classics of Confucianism.Definitely there are plentiful stories in some works of Fang Bao, Liu Da- kui, and Yao Nai.These stories use some narrative techniques such as dialogue and character costume and behaviors to portray the personality of character, and the reason why the character behaves. These articles,with biography narrative style, obviously are affected by the writing techniques of Chun Qiu.
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