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Title: 從漢語詞族看上古聲母的擬音問題
Other Titles: On the Reconstruction of Old Chinese Initials: From the Viewpoint of Word Family
Authors: 丘彥遂
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 古音研究是一個求真的過程,在這過程中,方法的嚴謹是一個很重要的環節。近年來,漢藏語的比較研究取得了一定的成果,可惜在同源詞的選取方面,卻沒有一定的標準。本文認為,漢藏語的比較固然帶來相當大的突破,然而作為古音研究的基本語料:諧聲字和同族詞,除了必須給予應有的重視外,還必須在方法上,讓這兩項材料充分發揮它們的作用。因此,本文採用「詞族」觀察上古漢語的聲母,再以「諧聲系列」作為佐證,對上古聲母的擬音提出一些新的思考。
Research on the Old Chinese phonology is the process of truth-seeking, in which the rigorousness of methodology is a very important link. In recent years, considerable achievements have been made in Sino-Tibetan comparison. However, there are no acknowledged criteria of the selection of cognates. The present dissertation supposes that xiesheng (諧聲) characters and family words(同族詞), as basic material for Old Chinese phonology, should not only be attached just importance to but also be brought into full play in methodology, although a breakthrough has been made in Sino-Tibetan comparison. Therefore, this article adopts "word family" to observe the initial consonants in Old Chinese, and then takes "xiesheng series" as collateral evidence to propose new thinking on the reconstruction of the initial consonants in Old Chinese.
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