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Title: 郭象〈莊子序〉真偽問題續探
Other Titles: Successive Exploration of the Real and Fake Issue of Guo Xiang's
Authors: 姜龍翔
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 三十三卷本之郭象《莊子注》,在其卷首冠有一篇序文,此篇序文長期被視為郭象之作,但現代有部分學者如王利器、王曉毅等人提出異議,認為郭象並非此篇〈莊子序〉之作者,其所持理由分別由《宋會要輯稿》所載北宋初年對此序真偽存廢的一段爭論記錄,並從序文與注文思想要點上的不同論證其說,但這些說法尚無法取得學術界的普遍認同。而此文則在其基礎上,藉由比較〈莊子序〉最後一段文字與《世說新語》注引戴逵《竹林七賢論》評向秀之語之間的異同,論證今本〈莊子序〉乃脫胎於戴逵之文字,從而得出〈莊子序〉當為東晉晚期之後的作品,並非郭象所作之結論。
Guo Xiang's thirty-three chapter "The Annotatinos of Zhuang Zi" has a piece of preface in the first chapter, and this preface has been treated as Guo Xiang's work for a long time. Though some scholars such as Wang Li Qi and Wang Xiao Yi hold different opinions, and believed that Guo Xiang is not the author of "Zhuang Zi Preface", their reasons are there was a record of an argument regarding the "real / fake / to keep / abandon" issues of this preface that published on "Song Hui Yao Ji Gao", and they have also verified their opinion from the differences between the key points of the note's thought and key points of the preface. However, these sayings still have not gained general agreement in academia. This article verifies that "Zhuang Zi Preface" is generated from Dai Kui's words through the similarities of the last paragraph of "Zhuang Zi Preface" and quotation from Dai Kui's "Seven Sages in the Bamboo forest" that comment Xiang Xiu's words, and has the conclusion that "Zhuang Zi Preface" is the work in late Jin Dynasty, and is not Guo Xiang's work.
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