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Title: 論《西遊記》的《心經》與「無字真經」
Other Titles: A Discourse of "The Heart Sutra" and 'The Scriptures Without Any Words' by "A Journey to the West"
Authors: 謝文華
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文聚焦在《西遊記》的《心經》和「無字真經」二個現象進行觀察,發現二事雖為各自獨立之故事情節,卻彼此潛藏微妙地內在呼應,在交會點上呈顯對「語言文字」的高度反省,作者似有意透過故事鋪陳,使讀者明白:用再多言語詮解《心經》,反不如「靜默」更能獲致「真解」;如來佛所傳授的「無字經書」,才是對東土眾生最好的「真經」,由此似乎歸結出:「真解」不待語言溝通,「真經」否定文字功能的矛盾觀感。如此作為,可謂作者別出心裁之警筆,畢竟用奇幻動人的故事吸引閱讀脾胃乃情非得已之策略,故藉由兩個文學衝突點的精心營造,使讀者在此駐足留心,感受「語言文字」的認知迷障,體察《心經》的潛在內涵,並瞭解「無字真經」之價值依歸,當讀者有此自覺地閱讀認知時,最終或可領略《西遊記》作者刻意凸顯《心經》和「無字真經」二事,其文學意圖指涉之對象,其實正是小說自身。若此說得以確立,則小說「價值」將因不同閱讀視角而有重新定位之契機。
This article focuses in "A Journey to the West" of "The Heart Sutra" and 'The Scriptures Without Any Words' two phenomena carry on the observation, although discovers two matters of plot for the respective independence, actually each other hides intrinsic echoes subtly, assumes obviously "the language and writing" rightly on the crossover point the high introspection, the author resembles intends to lay out by the story, causes the reader to understand: More annotation solution "The Heart Sutra", instead were inferior that "silent" can obtain "the genuine solution". It's best for The Buddha Conferment of 'The Scriptures Without Any Words' to the Chinese, from this sums up "the genuine solution" not to need the language communication, the Scriptures denial writing function contradictory impression. So takes, it may be said that the author has an unconventional idea to warn of reader, uses the singularly varied story attraction reading is the sentiment must already the strategy after all, so careful building two literature conflict point's, causes the reader to settle down in this, feeling "language and writing" the cognition fan bonds, carefully examines "The Heart Sutra" the latent connotation, and understands 'The Scriptures Without Any Words' value being converted to, when the reader has this determination reads the cognition, or may understand "A Journey to the West" desirably highlights "The Heart Sutra" and 'The Scriptures Without Any Words' two matters, its literature refers to the object which fords, originally is precisely novel oneself. If this, the novel "the value" will read the angle of view differently, and turning point which locates.
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